Fear the Fork!

Getting settled in at my new apartment and I finally have found the time to get myself online for an updated blog post!

For those of you who did not know, I have moved to Phoenix, AZ! I was hired by Arizona State University, Go Sun Devils! The hand gesture is quite interesting, to say the least ^,^

Main-BannerAnyways, I am getting settled in as best as possible, considering that I only have a couple of people I know around here. I even had to move in my entire truck by myself (had to ask for help with my mattress and couch, though). The good part of that being, it was a hell of a workout… Was sore from it the next day. It isn’t easy, but holding the box for a bed in the snatch position is something I am glad I had trained for (Thanks M2 Crossfit in Findlay, OH)!

I have checked  out the gym for the university… Droooool!!! The place is rather epic and the swimming pool is outdoors ^,^ I am hoping to incorporate swimming into my routine, but it will need to wait until I can find a way to squeeze it in. $100 for the semester, I will probably make the purchase, but not until after I have checked out Camelback Crossfit. If everything I need is at this Box, then I might forego the additional costs of joining an additional gym.

I am about to put myself out there with this next part… I am putting up some current pictures on here to show where this will all begin.

First, the front view
1-11-2015-Front-viewNow, a side view
1-11-2015-Side-viewFinally, I want to see more definition in these arms
To work on all of this, eating right will be essential. I am focusing on clearing out most, if not all, gluten from my diet. I am focusing on eating raw vegetables and healthy proteins. I need to break my habit of Panda Express, and that will come in due time. Here is an example of some of my meals, though:

Breakfast at home
Typical-BreakfastLunch at Qdoba, on campus
Qdoba-saladI am gunning to also have a daily blended drink filled with: Spring Mix, Kale, Pomegranate Seeds, Whole Lemon and Lime, Cucumber, and Raw Organic Honey (from Trader Joe’s).
Blended-vegetable-smoothieThis is all possible, thanks to my newly acquired NINJA!
Ninja-Blender-and-MeDoing my best to keep on track by stocking the fridge with nothing but the good stuff!
I am also going to take some advice from Elliot Hulse and go for a morning walk every day for one hour. I have my goals in mind, determination, and willpower! I would like to join a gym, too, so I can begin meeting like-minded people. I need it! Hopefully soon I can meet up with my friends in Surprise. They are good people from a good family!

I am optimistic about the future!

Here are my measurements, as of today:

Neck – 18.5 (18.0)
L. Arm – 16.5 (16.0)
R. Arm – 16.5 (16.5)
Chest – 55.0 (55.5)
Waist – 52.5 (53.0)
Hips – 50.0 (51.0)
L. Thigh – 30.0 (30.0)
R. Thigh – 29.5 (30.0)
L. Calf – 18.5 (18.5)
R. Calf – 19.5 (19.25)

Denotes a change of:  -1.25 inches

Please, feel free to leave comments, advice, support… Anything! I would even love to spark up a conversation on here ^,^ I know I have friends who find this very helpful, and they quietly follow along. My only hope is that it continues to help them! I will keep track of my progress (with pictures, from now on) and update my thoughts and feelings as I transition to the new me.

-Air Dragon

Just you ask, I’ll come back
Though we’re miles apart
Whatever I do, I’ll come to where you are


    1. The good thing is, not too many people say I can’t. Rather, I fight with those who persuade me to do otherwise. Now, though, I am living in a new area with new chances. I look forward to making friends with like-minded individuals who will support, rather than hinder ^,^

    1. Absolutely! I want to see my goal achieved! Keep focus, turn negatives into positives… I can do it!

      This time, I am focusing more on my diet, my usual set back.

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